The total population of India is 125 crores. In which yadav population is more than 15 % in all 29 states of India. Yadav voters are 2.25 crores approximately. Besides Yadavs are seen in Nepal and they are one among the believers of Mahabharata. If you look at times of Mahabharat, yadav dynasty was there and many yadav kings have ruled many places in India.

             Look at the present political arena, in Parliament of India out of 545Loksabha Members; we have only 18 members of parliament, and 4 Union Ministers.

             As regard to the literacy in the community present, we have nearly 200 IAS/IPS officers and in other allied personnel services of the Govt. The percentage of educated is 2%, and 80% are from rural background and 20% are residing in urban areas and they are in different types of professions / businesses.

             The rural people are economically backwards with illiteracy and they need to be given thought of. In Modi Govt. the schemes, facilities and benefits given to the Rural people and need to be educated to our people by our leaders or Associations or Yadav sanghs. At this point, I would like to mention about KCR ruling Telangana need to be appreciated for his speech in Assembly praising Yadav people and their profession, culture of dairy farming etc.

             Therefore, with the above objective I felt we also need to have communication among us in print and electronic media, Face book, whatsApp and Twitter etc. with this spirit 'YADAV TODAY' is serving the community since 10 yrs.

             'YADAV TODAY' is being published in English, Hindi and Telugu from Hyderabad. My endeavour is to cover the information of all walks of our people in politics, education, professionals, sports men / women, and etc.

YADAV TODAY desires to make Yadavs strong from Gramasabha to Loksabha. The task is before us and we have to work for this. Let us join together to make strong ourselves. Read 'YADAV TODAY'
[(Bi-monthly magazine in English, Hindi, and Telugu) Being, Published from Hyderabad, Telangana. ]