Welcome to Yadav Today, please for a Minute read the following.

             The magazine Yadav today is being published by Smt. Kalavathi Yadav from Hyderabad. The magazine is ten years old and is being brought in three languages viz. English, Hindi and Telugu.

Publisher's Note :
             The intention of the publisher is to serve the yadav community to her best possible manner. It may be mentioned that the magazine started in the beginning with 1000 copies and 90% of the copies have been sent as a complimentary copies. Gradually it has gone up to 5000 copies. Most of the subscribers of the magazine are now coming voluntarily for subscribing magazine. It is all with the efforts the Editor and he could by his efforts spread about the magazine throughout India and you all know how popular the magazine is at present.

About Editor :
             The editor of the magazine is Mr.Bikshapathi B Yadav and is serving as Editor since its first edition with free service and no remuneration. He is advocate by profession and his intension is to serve the yadav community and especially youth to face the competitive world of the present trend. The magazine has been brought out in three languages to bring the latest information of the community and also the matters covering the backward classes. The magazine is made available to all the enlighten people of the community especially to know about the down trodden people of the community to come forward by them in support of their issues and their upliftment.

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